Joe Pugliese - Jazz In Focus

Im back like cooked crack after a 2 year blogging hiatus. To celebrate here is Joe Pugliese's hugely in demand "Jazz In Focus" LP on Hoctor.. SO MANY BREAKS!!

Check the going rate here , Get your e-dig on here and check out some other releases on Hoctor here .

Listen To - Theme From Black Belt Jones

The Purist - TR-ILL

Check out my latest release Ft Danny Brown,Sean Price, Havoc (of Mobb Deep), Big Twins & CASisDEAD. The whole Project was made from sampling European library records & an 808 demo record i picked up in L.A.

TR-ILL - The Purist


Plaisirs Erotiques Vol 1

Dumb rare slice of sleazy library funk from Yan Tregger's Vygson library label

Check the going rate here,Get your lazy ass e-dig on here and check a clip from Vol 2 here

Listen to - Special Ero

The Purist - Double Feature LP

Thanks to the Good people at you can get a limited edition 12" vinyl pressing of my Double Feature LP Featuring New York heavyweights Action Bronson,Roc Marciano & Infamous Mobb's Ty Nitty.

YOU BUY NOW!!!! The Purist - Double Feature LP

Guy Boulanger & Edgar Vercy - Volume 42

Another dope volume from the Patchwork recorded library. Features some great work Guy Boulanger & Edgar Vercy.

Check the going rate Here,Get your e-dig on Here and check out a patchwork i posted back in 2007 Here

Listen to - Floyd 1

The Mighty Marvelows - The Mighty Marvelows

Dope LP from the Mighty Marvelows. "Talkin 'Bout Ya Baby" always rocks the dancefloor where ever i play it. Features Production by the legendary Johnny Pate

Check the going rate here, get your e-dig on here and check their Bio here.

Listen to - Your Little Sister

Loveship - Loveship

I've been sampling allot of boogie records recently and i came across this a few weeks ago. Its AMAZING!

Check the going rate here, get your e-dig on here and check the Cashear records discography here.

Listen to - Loveship

Daz René - Discover

Dumb rare and somewhat slept on LP from Californian soul vocalist Daz René. As usual, you saw it here first.

Check the going rate here , get your lazy ass boutique/e-dig on here and pick up one of her 45's here

Listen to -I'll Never Love any More

The Heartstoppers - The Heartstoppers

All Platinum is one of my favorite labels. So many dope acts.. The Optimistics, The Whatnauts ,Linda Jones etc. This self titled joint by The Heartstoppers is one of the rarer.

Check the going rate here , get your lazy ass e-dig on here and check some more of the All platinum catalog on my facebook here

Listen to - The Ice Is Melting

Oby Onyioha - I Want To Feel Your Love

This African disco/soul holy grail goes for mega bucks.... you're welcome.

Check the going rate here ,Check Oby's discography here and if you dont fancy a trip to Lagos, get your boutique / "E"- dig on here.

Listen to - Enjoy Your Life

Fresh off the plane, konichiwa bitches....

Hitting Tokyo again for a few weeks. Plenty of digging and Asahi. Shoot me an Email or hit me on Twitter if you know where those secret squirrel digging spots are at.

Check the photo stream on my tumblr

EDIT: Please dontate what ever you can spare to help the people effected by the earthquake and tsunami here.

Liferaft - Liferaft

D-D-Dumb fresh, private press horn rock straight out of California ( .... i think). Composed by Bruce Lofgren. This Joint is RARE!

Check the going rate here, get you e-dig on here and grab some info on Bruce here

Listen to - Morning Tree

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Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sisters - Running Short Of Love Today

Produced and arranged by Eddie Robinson , Need i say more ???

Check the going rate here, get you e-dig on here and grab some info on her here.

Listen to - Never Gonna Turn Around

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M.L King Jr. Ensemble Movement - Soul Refreshment

OH SNAP! stupidly rare, privately pressed soulful gospel ! everything else you saw it here FIRST!!!!!

Check the going rate here, pick up a copy here and put those ebay sellers kids through private school here.

Listen to - Think Of His Goodness

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James Becton - Butter & Toast

A pretty much ungoogleable private press soul LP from Connecticut's James Becton. I remember hearing the title track on one of Thes One's mixes a few years ago. Backed by the Mysterious Elements Band and Bobby Earl , Becton laces us with some ill drum machine underpinned funk on the title track "Butter & Toast" and some feel good vibes on "Tell Me Why". Remember, just like everything else you saw it here FIRST!!!!!

Check the going rate here, pick up a copy of the 1982 second press here and get you e-dig on here

Listen to - Butter and Toast

Lee Edwards - Shades Of Love

Kimbo Slice Look-a-like Lee Edwards delivers the goods on this very ,very rare private press soul LP. Hailing from detroit and backed by some members of soul outfit the A.D.C Band, Lee shows his range with upbeat tracks like "I Found Love" to mellow ballads like "Prove Your Love" The back cover reads..... "Lee Edwards is as invincible as the late former heavyweight champion Joe Lewis, and with a mouth as big and sound as boisterous as muhammad Ali in the ring of the entertainment world and an entertainer we believe we're going to be hearing alot from. He also imitates fifty top acts of today" Remember as always you saw it here first!

Check the going rate on a water damaged copy here , pick up a clean copy here and to do so, sell a kidney here.

Listen to - Equal Love Opportunity Part 1

Eddie Robinson - You In My Life

DOPE soulful gospel LP from 1979 courtesy of Eddie Robinson's own Ren Unlimited records . Features some ill electric piano work DON'T SLEEP!!

Check the going rate here, get you e-dig on here and pick up a copy of his other Lp here

Listen to - God's Love Song

R.A The Rugged Man - L.I's Finest

Produced by The Purist

Cooking up a new post for next week. Till then you can bump this.

R.A. The Rugged Man - Legendary Classics Volume 1 - L.I.'s Finest

Tommy McGee - Positive-Negative

Though I can take no credit for it, here is Tommy McGee's ultra rare Positive-Negative LP. Generously ripped by crate digging legend and turntable king DJ Supreme La Rock for Soulstrut's record day. Basically it's stupid rare and your never gonna see let alone own a copy!

Check the going rate here,see a little of Tommy McGee's discography here and check Supremes record wall here Woah!

Listen to - We Ought To Be Together

I'm going back to Cali....

Hitting California for a few days . where those secret squirrell digging spots at. If you know sing me an Email or hit me on